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Culverden Upgrade June 2015

Hinds Upgrade Jan 2015

Both of these farms have had upgrades to the Varicool Snap Chiller System. All existing refrigeration equipment is removed, vats are flushed and new pipework is run. Water/Glycol is now pumped from the Varicool unit to a new double bank milk cooler in the shed while milking and also plumbed up to both vat refrigeration pads to chill milk in vat. This system is also providing 70 deg hot water for no extra cost. The Culverden farm was done in the off season but Hinds was swapped over during milking. (pre piped on day one, then the second trip was for swap over day, morning milking done using the existing gear, afternoon milking on the new Varicool system)  

Oxford Upgrade 2014

This farm was have cooling problems and required an extra chilled water system to assist existing equipment. Patton Pack is used to chill an insulated 30,000L tank of water down to 7degs, which is then pumped through the 2nd stage of milk cooler. Milk entry to the vat is now 10degs and existing units can cope.

Oxford Upgrade 2015

This farm had a 21,500L and a 9,100L but only one refrigeration system doing the whole lot. In the summer, the system was not achieving temperature. In this case adding an extra unit was all that was required.

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